Call for Frank!

Grassroots organizing power is how we’re going to win big in the 2018. Nothing changes more hearts or wins more votes than one person connecting to another person and earnestly asking, “Can we count on your support?” That’s where you come in.

We will be making calls for Frank Scott for Mayor to identify voters and let our neighbors know about our overall movement! We need to make Frank’s name known in order to garner the support needed to influence their vote at the polls. Even if you’re making calls by yourself at home, we encourage you to hop on the phone and talk to voters. We know that when we speak about the issues that matter within their community, we are able to set aside our partisan labels and connect as everyday Americans.

With your help, along with thousands of other supporters from around Little Rock, we can identify supporters quickly so that we can follow up and persuade voters to cast their votes for Frank Scott. The Relay Dialer is designed to provide volunteers such as yourself with a more effective way to contact voters by dialing the numbers for you and connecting you to people.


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