Frank Scott, Jr.’s Opportunity Agenda

I’m running for Little Rock Mayor because I believe that a better, brighter future for our city starts with our youth. As a proud product of Horace Mann Arts and Science Magnet Middle School and Parkview Arts and Science High School, I owe who I am to the Little Rock School District.  And as Mayor, I would be fully committed to leveraging the Office of the Mayor in support of our schools and our youth. 

Potential and ability are equally distributed across our neighborhoods in Little Rock, but opportunity, unfortunately, is not. That’s why I believe that it’s the job of the next mayor of Little Rock to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to reach their God-given potential by leveraging the Office of the Mayor to support our schools and our youth across Little Rock.

My Opportunity Agenda for Little Rock’s youth provides a vision for our city’s youth, our public education system, and sets a clear roadmap for City Hall’s role in shaping education opportunity for Little Rock’s children by: 


Forging partnerships through the Department of Community Programs with nonprofits in Little Rock to support after-school and summer programming and family and teacher supports, including programs specifically supporting students and families zoned for Cloverdale Middle, Henderson Middle, and Hall High. 

  • It’s not enough to say we want our schools back; we need to wrap our arms around the three remaining schools under state control with academic supports, mentorship programs and more impactful after-school and summer programming.

Establishing the Mayor’s Summer Reading Program through a Partnership with Little Rock School District, the Central Arkansas Library System, and the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.  

  • Educational outcomes are impacted by a student’s ability to read at grade level.
  • Let’s commit to ensuring impactful, effective literacy programs for Little Rock students by using the summer as an opportunity to help our students read at grade level and retain what they’ve learned during the school year.

Partnering with the Central Arkansas Library System to Establish the “Thrive by Five” Program.  

  • We want every child in Little Rock to be ready to read when it’s time to enroll in Kindergarten.  
  • As Mayor, I would work with the Central Arkansas Library System to establish “Thrive by Five” - a program that would allow parents to enroll their babies in a free monthly book program from birth to age five where parents get a free book a month to read to their children.

Investing $11 million Over Four Years in Citywide After-School and Summer Academies and Assessing the Effectiveness of Little Rock’s Current After-school Programming Investments.  

  • We need to reimagine the City’s role in supplementing what our students learn during the school day and the school year through more meaningful after-school and summer programming.  
  • I would commit to investing over $11 million in my first team to support literacy programming, summer science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics academies, and more meaningful after-school programming that supports the work our teachers and parents are doing when school is out.

Partnering with the Little Rock School District to Develop “The Truancy Project.”  

  • Truancy is one of the early indicators of juvenile delinquency and adult criminal activity.  It isn’t just a LRSD problem or an issue for our police officers to resolve; it’s a community problem that requires a community solution.  
  • As Mayor, I would work with Superintendent Poore to launch the “The Truancy Project”, a comprehensive program with automated text messages and robocalls will notify parents of their child’s absence. We will also work with LRSD to assign attendance “coaches” who can visit families and students with chronic truancy problems in their homes and encourage them to attend class.

Implementing the City of Little Rock’s Master Plan for Children, Youth, and Families by the End of The First Term.  

  • Little Rock’s Master Plan for Children, Youth, and Families is a thoughtful, comprehensive plan that can help ensure our youth programming is effective. This plan is data driven, and targeted to our youth who need our help the most.  
  • As Mayor, I am fully committed to implementing the Master Plan for Children, Youth and Families.

Conducting a Full Review of the City’s Summer Youth Employment Program to Ensure that Students are Building Meaningful Skills during the Summers. 

  • Let’s work to ensure that when we place our students in summer jobs, they are gaining meaningful skills and experience to propel them into the future of college or work. My transition would include a full review of the the City’s Summer Youth Employment Program to determine how effectively we’re building meaningful skills for our students that are placed through the Summer Youth Employment Program.
  • As your next Mayor, I’m committed to working with the new Chief Education Officer in the first 100 days of my administration to thoughtfully and carefully complete this review to ensure that we are preparing our teenagers for the world of work through the Summer Youth Employment Program.

Engaging State and Federal Delegations to Identify Funding Sources for Expanding the Number of Pre-K Slots in the Little Rock School District.  

  • We need a Mayor committed to supporting Little Rock’s children from “cradle-to-career,” and that means lobbying our state legislature and working with our delegation in Washington to secure the resources needed to expand the number of slots for pre-K in LRSD.  
  • High-quality early childhood education is one of the more effective investments we can make in our children, and I will take a backseat to no one in ensuring that my administration works with Superintendent Poore to pursue every available resource to expand pre-K in Little Rock.

Appointing Little Rock’s First Chief Education Officer.  

  • I will need someone responsible for implementing the Opportunity Agenda.  Cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Houston have created Chief Education Officer roles to ensure better coordination between City Hall and their local school district.  
  • I will appoint Little Rock’s first Chief Education Officer to implement the Opportunity Agenda, work with me to lobby our state and federal delegations for additional resource for our students, and to be the point of contact between my office and LRSD and community organizations that work to support our children.