New Ideas for Old Problems

Together, we must find ways to overcome the challenges stalling our city’s growth and prosperity. We must grow our job base and economy while also addressing pressing issues of public safety. To overcome these obstacles, we must look beyond the typical platitudes and career politicians. We must discover new opportunities that benefit all corners of the city. It’s time to invest in all corners of our city to unite one another. It’s time to focus on our city's infrastructure, and strengthen our public school system. It’s time to focus on ingenuity and technology that can place Little Rock in a position of national leadership in innovative fields.

Jobs and Opportunity

Our city is at a crossroads. We require an evolving vision and new direction. A vision and direction that finds pathways for thriving communities built on jobs and economic opportunity.

Frank will focus on growing our own success, supporting existing businesses, and leveraging our city’s resources in support of entrepreneurship.

Opportunity in Little Rock should be based on what you can do, not just who you know. We must work to retain our city’s talent and bring talented people who have left our community back home. Frank believes we can accomplish this vision with a true economic development program that begins with a mayor focused on the growth of our city.

Crime and Public Safety

Citizens and leaders alike must decide, and decide quickly, what course we will take to ensure that generations to come inherit a thriving, prosperous city. Because a thriving city can only exist where a safe city exists. Frank believes a strong vision for Little Rock must include a foundation for public safety that is sensitive, fair, practical, and enforceable. Our law enforcement departments must be well staffed, well paid, and well trained on how to handle diverse situations and de-escalation tactics for their own safety and that of the taxpayers.

Little Rock must move from economic disempowerment to empowerment, from crime to safety, from racial division to racial unity, from injustice to justice. Our city must move from a mindset of alleviating the consequences of circumstance to instead solving the problems that create those circumstances.

Solutions must be comprehensive and based in diversity, culture, and community.



A positive vision for our economy will be built on the basics of infrastructure.

Little Rock needs a comprehensive, deliberate plan for infrastructure. Our city needs a vision for infrastructure that is inclusive of the entire city. The next mayor must promote innovation, transit-friendly infrastructure, parks, and city facilities for families and communities. Little Rock families are spreading across Central Arkansas because of the ball fields, the community centers, and the basic infrastructure we lack here in the flagship city of our region.



Frank will be a champion for Little Rock public schools from pre-kindergarten education to the 12th grade.

Frank realizes public education’s ability to better equip individuals and communities for success. For that reason, he serves as a member of the University of Arkansas -  Little Rock Board of Visitors. He previously served as member of the Pulaski Technical College Board of Trustees, working to expand economic opportunity in Little Rock and Central Arkansas with access to education and job skills.

Frank knows that too many young people are unsure about the next steps after high school.  Many struggle to get to college or career-technical training. Some continue to struggle with debt from higher education, and many aren’t able to find jobs here to support a family or build a future. Education and job creation go hand-in-hand, each dependent on the other to ensure the long-term success of our city.