Looking for an opportunity to serve?

Frank Scott, Jr. is looking for passionate community members who want to help shape the future of Little Rock. Apply now to join one of the Transition Team subcommittees. The areas are as follows:

  • Economic Development: A city is as strong as its economy, and a powerful economic development agenda will help Little Rock grow into the future. The key objective for this subcommittee will be mapping out an organizational plan for the formation of the Little Rock Economic Development Corporation, among other topics.

  • Education: We must invest in the next generation of our community, and that starts with making sure our education system is thriving, and our children, students, and families have the resources and tools they need. This subcommittee will be tasked with building the framework to implement the Scott Administration’s Opportunity Agenda.

  • Finance and Administration: A city’s finances and budget reflect its values. This subcommittee will be tasked with reviewing a number of internal and external financial operations of the city, as well as an assess the adequacy of the city’s revenue streams among other important tasks and topics.

  • Inclusion: An equitable and inclusive city is a thriving city, and a major goal of the Scott Administration. This subcommittee will work to shape how Little Rock can improve and welcome every resident, no matter their zip code, their background, or their social status.  

  • Mobility: A 21st century city is a multimodal city that invests in infrastructure improvements and effective transportation methods for all of its citizens. This subcommittee will be tasked with building the framework for implementation of the Scott Administration’s Mobility Agenda, making sure that residents who use all forms of transportation have the ability to travel across the city, and that Little Rock’s infrastructure is modernized.

  • Public Safety and Accountability: A safe city is a prosperous city, and an important goal of the Scott Administration is to improve public safety — making each area of our city a welcoming, safe, and bright part of our community. This subcommittee will help to shape what our public safety services, entities, and organizations look like as we head into the future.

  • Quality of Life: One of the most important aspects of living in our community is the quality of life for each and every resident. This subcommittee will shape how city leadership can improve the quality of life for our residents in every corner of the city, and make Little Rock the best place it can be.

  • Transformation and Government Reform: An efficient and effective city government is key to a thriving city, and a vibrant future for the Capital city. This subcommittee will help to build the framework of the new administration’s operations, as well as the future structure and operation of city leadership.

Each subcommittee is dedicated to moving the Capital city forward and helping to build the framework of Mayor Scott’s community-powered agenda. The subcommittees will lay the foundation for the implementation of a plan that will empower Little Rock and put our city on the path to a bright future. These citizen subcommittees will meet weekly until Friday, March 15th. Please note that all submissions will be reviewed and should you be selected a member of the committee, we will be in touch with you. Thank you in advance for applying and for your interest - together we can #UniteLR!

Applications are closed.