Statement on Washington Post article on Little Rock "no-knock" raids

I shared this article from the Washington Post because as a black man and lifelong resident of Southwest Little Rock, I can tell you that there's nothing new about "no knock" raids and what's described in that article."

"A number of residents and some local writers asked why we needed a Community Review Board like the one in my public safety agenda that is solely responsible for citizen oversight and accountability of our law enforcement when there's an Internal Affairs division within LRPD and the Civil Service Commission. 

"This article should make my reason why clear: there simply isn't a truly independent voice solely committed to serving as a venue for mediating citizen complaints of police misconduct. These are real issues that require citizen oversight and accountability and a change in policy from LRPD."

"We have to not only make residents who have been raided whole for property damage and other damages they suffer as a result of this kind of activity, but there also has to be a place where citizens can go for filing complaints that can lead to changes in policy from LRPD regarding these kinds raids and "no knock” warrants. 

"These raids violate our residents' Fourth Amendment right and federal law, and I will strongly support a full investigation into this matter."

Frank Scott, Jr.