Frank Scott, Jr. Reacts to Panhandling Report in LR


I envision Little Rock as a city of opportunity for all, and one where its leaders invest and commit to providing that opportunity to everyone. I spoke with KARK about the latest report on panhandlers in our community, and how we address this complicated issue impacting our community, and why criminalizing poverty is not our solution

Panhandlers in our community are looking for food, shelter, and the basic needs to survive, and what they do is legal. This is a complex issue, but we can’t arrest our way out of this issue. 

We must commit ourselves to protecting the residents and visitors of our city from crime and harassment, and we can do that at the same time that we connect those who’ve turned to panhandling, to the resources they need. It’s not simple, but with visionary leadership in the Mayor’s office, we’ll get it done. 

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