Frank Scott, Jr. Formally Announces Run for Little Rock Mayor

Dialogue with Residents during Frank Discussions Compelled Scott to Seek Office

Little Rock, AR (June 2, 2018)–  On Saturday, June 2, 2018 in the heart of midtown Little Rock at Better Community Development, Inc. (BCD), Frank Scott, Jr. formally announced his candidacy for mayor of Little Rock. A large crowd of Little Rock residents and community leaders celebrated the occasion with Scott, a native of Little Rock and former state highway commissioner, at a barbeque lunch following the announcement.

Scott released the following statement:

"I met with countless families over the course of my exploratory committee process through the Frank Discussion series and engaged residents in honest dialogue on issues impacting the progress of Little Rock. I listened to heartfelt stories from families that don’t feel safe in their community and witnessed the unease of local business owners who wonder if Little Rock could continue to support their ambition given our stagnant economic growth.

“Thank you to all of those I have spoken to and others whom I have met throughout my exploratory journey – I heard you loud and clear. And after much prayer and consideration, it was the accounts of Little Rock residents that compelled me to officially announce my candidacy for Mayor.

 “I believe that Little Rock’s best days are ahead of us, and reaching them will require homegrown leadership. Fortunately, I was made in Little Rock. I am a proud product of our public schools and a longstanding member of our devoted faith community. And, I can promise that my campaign will reflect the values and steadfast drive of the residents that make me – a true son of Little Rock – proud to call this place home.

“The complexity of our problems will require a holistic approach to generate solutions and to unify our city. As a former Arkansas State Highway Commissioner, I know what can be achieved when City Hall makes smart infrastructure investments in an effort to reach our true potential. As a local banker, I know what can be achieved when City Hall and small businesses work together to grow the local economy. And as an associate pastor, I know what can be achieved when City Hall, public schools, and the faith community work in coordination to save our youth before losing them to the streets.

“I am inspired by the energy and momentum our journey has generated thus far, and I look forward to continuing to spread our vision for a prosperous, united Little Rock.”

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